Publication of the presented papers of ICCESEN-2018:

  • All manuscript will be peer reviewed for publication in journals.
  • Fulltext manuscript for ICCESEN-2018 should be prepared using format (available in here ) and send it to (by 1 November 2018)
  • All submissions must be original, unpublished, and not submitted for publication in elsewhere.
  • Manuscripts upto 4 page is free for participant and should NOT be more than 8 pages
  • Scientific committee has the right to decide on selection of the paper.
  •  The papers will be submitted for publication in several SCI indexed journals that covers different topic and listed below.


> Optimization Methods and Software (OMS)

>International Journal of Global Warming 

> Annals of Nuclear Energy (ANE)

>International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (JEST) 

>Arabian Journal of Geosciences

>Cognitive Computation 

> Acta Physica Polonica A 

> Energy and Environment Focus

> Materials Focus 

> Sensor Letters 

> Journal of Advances Physics 

>Materials Science -Poland 

>Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics 

>Kuwait Journal of Science 

>Journal of Environmental Biology  

> Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences  

> Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences

> Big Data Analytics 

>Open Agriculture

                   >Journal of Geodetic Science

>International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences 

>Iranian Journal of Operations Research (IJOR)  

>European Journal of Science and Technology 

>Education and Philosophy of Physics 

>International Journal of Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (IJCESEN)  

>International Journal of Nuclear and Radiation Science and Technology (IJNuRaSaT)  

>International Journal of Biological and Medical Science (IJBiMeS) 

>International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Science (IJAgFoS)  


     Publication Fees:

  • Up to 2 paper is FREE for registered participant
  • Extra each paper (more than 2) will be charged (€ 250)
  • Up to 4 pages for each paper is FREE for registered participant (it does NOT mean that papers must be (or less) 4 page)
  • Extra fee (€ 50 per extra page) will be charged for each extra page
  • Scientific committee has the right to decide on selection of the paper.